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Advance KeyLogger
Want to find out what any user is doing on your system in your absence? Advance Keylogger Software is developed for monitoring all activities performed on your PC. Professional stealth PC Spy Software lets you know exactly what others are doing on your PC while you are away. Utility allows you to records overall system and internet activities in hidden way.
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Advance KeyLogger
In System Activities option, view all recorded system activities (for example keystrokes, clipboard, screenshots, application etc).

Software Features:

  • Software records entire PC activities including system startup time, system sound, time setting modifications etc.
  • Track all internet activities such as typed URLs, accessed websites, voice chat conversations, sent mails, login id, passwords, search engine searches etc.
  • Records all clipboard (copy-paste) activities in txt file format.
  • Software record every key typed on the PC keyboard to let you know what was typed and when it was typed.
  • Records all sent or typed mails secretly.
  • Captures all typed user names and password secretly in complete stealth mode.
  • Software records all details in an encrypted and hidden log file.
  • Automatically sends log file at desired email id. Software also provides the facility to upload log file through the FTP server settings.
  • Captures screenshots of entire desktop or all active/running windows at set time intervals.
  • Track every program running on the computer and shows keystrokes details and time stamp of each launched application.
  • Generate report of recorded data in txt or html file format.
  • Facilitates the option to backup recorded system/internet activities for future reference.

Software Security Features:

  • Software runs as background system process and traces all or specific user activities performed on your PC while you are away.
  • Key logger software bypasses all major anti keylogger software and spy tools and cannot be even seen or detected by any user except system owner. Software does not appear on the Desktop, Start-> Program, Add or Remove Programs, installation folders.
  • Maintains captured details in an encrypted and hidden log file.
  • Facilitate with ‘Set password’ feature so that unauthorized user cannot access or modify software configuration settings.