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KeyLogger software
KeyLogger Software allows you to view what your children, family members, employees or guest users are typing on the computer system in your absence. Keystroke recording utility records all keystrokes made on your PC in your absence and saves the recorded information in log file with the facility to mail at predefined email address. Key Logging tool bypasses all major anti keylogger programs and is mostly non-detectable by the users who are using your computer. Keylogging utility is password-protected application so any unauthorized or external users are unable to detect the key logger installation. Helpful as parental or employee monitoring, the invisible key logger recorder software records all keystrokes activities including typed passwords, chat conversation records, typed documents and other keyboard typing activities secretly, and similarly prevents other users to access the software settings.
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KeyLogger software
In Keystrokes Activities option, view all recorded keystrokes activities.

Software Features:

  • Software captures keystrokes entered on your PC including recently typed web URL’s, composed emails, username and passwords, text chat etc.
  • Captures all the key strokes figured on your computer and save the information in hidden and encrypted file called Log file.
  • Send log of activities at specified mail id in stealth mode.
  • Software cannot be seen or even detected by unauthorized users.
  • Facilitates to set hot keys or run command to access the application if it runs in hidden mode.
  • Generate report of recorded data in .txt or .html file formats.
  • Facilitates with set password feature so that unauthorized user can not access the software.

Software General Features:

  • Software helps parents to protect their children’s from accessing illegal sites.
  • Helpful for the businesspersons to safeguard all activities performed by their employees on the company’s computers.
  • The log files of recorded data are saved for user’s future reference.